Our Mission

North Yorkshire Online aims to promote the north and show it in a positive light and get away from preconceived ideas. Recent events in the area have reinforced the opinion held by many that ours is a bleak and desolate area dominated by industry.

We know that this is not the case, aside from vast areas of stunning natural beauty full of history, there is a foundation of creativity from entertainment to the arts, this diverse heritage and spirit remains as strong today as it was in days past.

North Yorkshire Online exists to promote this area, its spirit and its people by showing it in a positive light.

Our Aim

North Yorkshire Online creates and streams programmes about the people and places within North Yorkshire.

By working with community groups, other organisations and local businesses we open a platform for them to showcase their view of what the best things about North Yorkshire are.

Our Work

North Yorkshire Online has adopted the Community Interest Company model as it allows us to both promote and provide services to SME's within the North Yorkshire area.

We are partners with Microsoft and provide cloud based solutions to SME's, alongside hosting and developing websites for our clients.

All the profit we generate enables us to develop North Yorkshire Online to promote all the good things that North Yorkshire has to offer.